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Signing VirtualBox Kernel Drivers

I recently came across an issue with VirtualBox and Fedora 23 that took me a good while to address. With Secure Boot enabled, the built kernel modules failed to load. Instead of disabling secure boot, I decided to tackle the problem head on. Hopefully this will be use for some, most likely my future self. I tried installing VirtualBox via both the repos and website with no luck. And after various logs referring to dmesg with nothing of value, off to the interwebs I went.

First Try!

Finally moved the site over to Hugo! Ghost was fun for a while, but it just didn’t make sense for me to run a server at all. Static site generator such as Hugo is a perfect fit. Hopefully I just use it more!

Nice hat to go with that Linux

If it wasn’t made clear with my last post, I really like Fedora. I also run CentOS on all of my servers while professionally I’ve mainly used Ubuntu Server. I gave Fedora Server a spin one day but I’m not sure how I feel about the frequent upgrades I’d have to manage. Big fan of RedHat overall. I admit the bias while currently reading The Open Organization. What I believe grabs me most is the technology ecosystem that comes from the RedHat/Fedora world.

FreeBSD confession

Ever since I learned about this whole Linux thing I couldn’t put it down. Learning new things left and right. From programming to operations, it seemed the knowledge wouldn’t stop coming. My first distro was RedHat Linux 7.0. I do not miss those days downloading an ISO file over dialup using a resume-capable download manager. But I believe because of that first RedHat experience is why I love Fedora till this day.