Birth of Geektanium

Feels a little odd writing about this but I do want to put it out there. I'd like to formally announce a thing I've been working on: Geektanium. It's basically a bunch of geeks finally finding the time and courage to upload and share our conversations with the world. We've been doing this for years albeit offline. After we beat a game or watched a movie, we never missed an opportunity to discuss it along with everything else going on in pop culture at that time.

The theory is there are some people out there that would find this discussion interesting so what the heck, to YouTube it goes! We're definitely not the first nor the last to have this idea. But we believe we can provide a unique take on our favorite activities. Movies, video games, comics, music, TV, etc. We all love to absorb it in and particularly letting it back out in the form of conversations and idea sharing. It allows us for a short period of time where we feel connected to these worlds.


The title is a small fib. We've actually been doing this since February 2018. Right around the time Black Panther came out in theaters. Uploading our conversations was in the back of our minds for a month or two prior and Black Panther seemed like a great time to start. I actually can't believe it's been six months since we started. We're up to ten videos with one of those being our first live stream! In this small period of time, I'm proud of our work and the small improvements here and there. The hope is to keep getting better!

There are few ideas in the work such as adding some variety to the videos other than us just chatting with each other. That also includes smaller bite size videos to convey some ideas. But of course audience participation is a big part of this entire gig, so hopefully that will keep growing organically. That same audience would play an even bigger role in our streaming endeavors.

Are we putting the cart before the horse? I don't think so but I can see it being a slippery slope. It's more about trying new ideas quickly and iterating to see what works best. So we might have big plans but that doesn't mean we have to stretch ourselves too thin. We're in this for the long haul. After all, we're a bunch of nobodies in an already extremely crowded field of geek personalities. Not everything will stick but the goal is to have fun doing it. That's what matters at the end of the day. Not the numbers but an overall fun and safe community where all are welcome to enjoy themselves in this geek life. Fun first!

So I hope you join us on this quest. It's dangerous to go alone, so please grab that sword and help us along the way!