Rapid Prototyping

I recently came across a great GDC video, "Game a Week: Teaching Students to Prototype" from Douglas Wilson and Bennett Foddy. While I'm familiar with the concept of weekly prototyping, this video in particular resonated with me.

Mind you there's nothing new here. From 48 hour game jams to one game a month, a ton of developers have been at this for a while. Again this isn't a new concept to me, but the structure presented in the video gave me a framework to tackle my procrastination.


Making games is something I've wanted to do since I was 15 years old. When I realized making games for a living was a thing. Besides an interesting and short stint at a local studio, I don't have much professional game dev experience. It's all based on personal projects and experiments. Just so happens within the last two months I've been leveling up my Unreal Engine knowledge to get back into the game (pun intended!). Rapid prototyping and experiments with Blueprints will definitely give me a better understanding of the tools at my disposal.

Concepts like a "game a week/month" is exactly what I need to get me going. Setting deadlines, themes, and goals (again nothing revolutionary) while not really thinking long term in the sense of a final product. Being able to experiment and test new ideas within the confinements setup beforehand. Typing this really gets me excited for something I already knew. Not sure why it's different this time.

I'm going to experiment at first and see what time scale works for me. I'll be shooting for one a week and iterate on that. I strongly suggest checking out Rami Ismail post, where he dives into the details.

I really wish I had something more concrete here but I guess it's more of line in the sand moment for me. That way I can use it as a point of reference and see how far I've come at some future point. Here's hoping I stick to it this time!