Nice hat to go with that Linux

If it wasn’t made clear with my last post, I really like Fedora. I also run CentOS on all of my servers while professionally I’ve mainly used Ubuntu Server. I gave Fedora Server a spin one day but I’m not sure how I feel about the frequent upgrades I’d have to manage. Big fan of RedHat overall. I admit the bias while currently reading The Open Organization.

What I believe grabs me most is the technology ecosystem that comes from the RedHat/Fedora world. Projects like Fedora, systemd, project atomic, etc while the countless contribution to upstream such as GNOME, wayland, KVM and so on. It’s hard to find a mainstream open source project that hasn’t been touched in some way by RedHat. And to be fair that can be said by a number of organizations too.

As a programmer by trade who is currently dabbling in the world of DevOps (actually in my title…), I really want to give back to the community that has given so much to me. I fairly often contribute back in the form of documentation clarifications and corrections to various unrelated projects. I’ve always believe that wasn’t enough. It’s time I contribute more. Best way I believe to start is through code. My main focus initially will be with Fedora (used as an umbrella term) doing what I can with Python. After that we’ll see what happens. I’d really love to use Go in some capacity. I’ll have to look into what options are available in that regard.

With that said, I’m an open source advocate all around. I (usually) don’t care who the backer is, RedHat or for example Canonical, if it’s open I’m all for it. This is just my fan boy post. I love, respect and appreciate A LOT of open source project unrelated to RedHat. As it should be.

As a side note, I see so much potential in the Fedora distribution itself. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Fedora-based OS with accommodations for a general purpose user? Back by a sleek and well constructive laptop that doesn’t break the bank account. One can only dream.