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Retrieval Practice

As previous mentioned, I’m giving LunarVim a spin. To increase my chances of success, I want to document my settings and specific keybindings. Some of the settings can be Lunarvim specific and others that are plane Vim settings. I expect this post to evolve in the future, depending on my overall success with Lunarvim.

Search files/text

# File names
Leader + s + f 

# Text (live grep)
Leader + s + t

# File explorer
Leader + e

# Edit config.lua
Leader + L + c

Select results using tab and send them to the quick list using crtl + q.


# Blame
Leader + g + l 


# Integrated
Ctrl + \


# Definition
g + d

# References
g + r

# Implementation
g + I

# Signature
g + s

# Line info
g + l


# Enable
:set spell spelllang=en_us

# Disable
:set nospell

# Move to the next/previous misspelled words
]s and [s

# Replace word over cursor

# Add word to dictionary

# Mark words as incorrect


The following links were used to gather the all of the above: