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Trying a New Editor

Published December 4, 2022

Status Quo

Vim was the first editor (excluding IDEs) I ever used about 10 years ago. I’ve tried many editors since but I’ve stuck with the Vim family and currently settled on Neovim.

The Neovim ecosystem has evolved nicely over time with plugins treating it as a first class citizen.

I’ve tried to use graphical editors such as VScode with much success. It almost took over as my daily editor. But I keep drifting back to Vim.

Yet Another Editor

Unfortunately my nvim config has turned into a hodgepodge of settings that I forget over time. And honestly some of these I don’t want to “manage”. That includes when using languages that I haven’t configured manually yet.

I’ve recently discovered LunarVim and so far I’m really happy with it. I could be oversimplifying, but I see LunarVim as a Neovim distro/flavor with opinionated defaults. With so many plugins/settings right from the beginning, it’s been nice to see it “just work”.

That’s not to say LunarVim doesn’t have a config file. It’s more so taking advantage of various LSP, linters, formatters automatically for the respective file type.

A personal benefit here is that LunarVim uses Lua. So does vanilla Neovim but start from scratch with Lua is calling to me. Maybe I can finally learn it at a basic level.

I do want to give a shoutout to NvChad. Very similar concept but from my understanding it needs a bit more upfront configuration to get started. But I do want to keep an eye on it.


So far I’m happy and impressed with LunarVim. I want to try to use stock LunarVim as possible but we’ll see how it goes.